Principle of Hard Work

Why does it always seem that certain favorable opportunities, and fortunate circumstances seem to happen to the same people? Why does it feel like they are just always at the ‘right place, at the right time’? When did the leprechaun hide the horseshoe in their back pocket?

Sorry to say it, but there is no lucky little leprechaun randomly choosing advantageous recipients of the coveted lucky rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe. If you believe otherwise, that’s fine, keep sitting around and waiting for him to show up. I hear he cruises around in cereal boxes these days.

I’m also not talking about your Uncle Joe who is currently on a ‘scratch-off roll’. By now you probably have recognized some people in your realm of whom I’m talking about. You have probably even named them. Maybe you are the one that Lady Luck herself has been a good companion to. 😉 But why does it seem to be a consistent few?

This curiosity brought me to try and find a common denominator in this equation, to TRY and make the math work out in my mind. As I named off the people I know like this, and listed my own successes, these two lists both revolved around HARD WORK. The hardest workers, the grit-lovin‘, elbow-greasin’, back-breakin’ workers. Are the dots beginning to connect?

Growing up, my father always taught me to finish what I had started. I wasn’t raised to be a quitter. I wasn’t raised to sit idly by, waiting for things to happen. I needed to put in what I wanted to get out of it. Of course, it was always easier with things of interest like sports, and girls, etc. But even school projects, homework, and work-work, all have ironed themselves out as the effort, and time were put into it.

You need to put in more time, practice, effort, and passion than the next guy in order to be successful. As you dedicate time and your talents, (I call it) God (you may call it karma, or the cosmos, that’s fine) begins to pour out blessings, and fortune onto you.

And all of a sudden, because you’re not “busy on your couch watching Netflix” you seem to be at the right place at the right time for the next opportunity. People start to be attracted to your success. I believe that success and hard work are just as contagious as idleness, laziness, and failure.

Here at Cascade Dairy Holdings, Inc we encourage success and literally breed it! We have taken on a lot through the recent transition of re-branding and moving into a completely new industry. But because of the awesome people we associate with and their understanding of the principle of hard work, nothing will stop us from getting where we need to go, and where shareholders want us to be!

Here’s to MOOOOOOving forward!


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